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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

One Day at ... Tettnang, Germany

What I can really recommend to everyone, especially when you don't have a huge travel budget and though want to see a lot, is to discover places and cities next to where you live/grew up. It helps you to understand and realize how beautiful the region is, where you live and/or grew up.

So, last week I did it: I spent a whole day at the Montfort City Tettnang, just like a normal tourist.
(I went to school there for two years, but I still didn't knew some of the Places I've visited)

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In the morning hours I hardly recommend you to brunch at Bärlin Cafe-Lounge-Bar ( to start the Day the right way!

Either with just a Coffee and granola or a varied and balanced breakfast plate, in this lounge ambient you can slowly start to fully wake up.

I prefer a cheese sandwich with coffee, an orange juice and a Croissant.

Now, after spending at least one hour there (Eating, Chilling, Talking, reading the Newspaper) you're ready to discover the City!

At the Tourist-Information they will help to give you as much needed information as wanted.
Possible would have been to visit the historic Castle (to be exactly there are three in Tettnang), walk the hops trail, visit either the Montfort- or Electronic-museum or being amused by the "hops pig parade". The latter are 80 pigs (not real animals) that were beautifully painted and you can find them standing/hanging/.. all over the city.

Nevertheless, I've decided to go Shopping. Bought a new Notebook to write all my Inspirations and Observations in, tasted and bought Belgian Chocolate at a Choco-shop and strolled through some Fashion Stores, but I couldn't find anything that really wanted to fit.

To relax a bit after this shopping marathon ;-) I've went to the "new castle", which was already built during the 18th Century, and sat down at a sunny bench and read a magazine that I was already carrying around in my bag for a few weeks.

Now it was time for having Lunch!
As I'm a big fan of Asian Food I stopped by at a Asian Imbiss to have fried rice and a fried banana.

The following Afternoon hours were again spent at the park with a marvellous view over the Lake of Constance, Switzerland and Austria. (left corner of the picture beneath)

Then I jumped in my Car to drive about 6 km (also possible by Bike or eBike) to the "Schöre" ( It's a Beer Brewery, hop grower and Restaurant with a nice Beergarden
Over the Beergarden are Hops growing, suuper authentic and suuper nice and even Vegetarians like me get their Salad or Spätzle (typical swabian noodles) there ;-)

Good Night Tettnang!

All the Pictures were taken with a Nokia Lumia 900.

If you want to be informed about whats going on in Tettnang I recommend you to check out


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  2. it must have been a nice day for you - I love to spend some time relaxing in a cafe too!
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