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Friday, August 24, 2012

Free Fun in Paris - Musée, Food, Wifi and more

A few Days ago I've already posted a Map of Paris where you can find Cafes where you can buy Coffee for 1 € or less. And you liked it. Me as well, for sure!

On the german HRS Blog Author Katja Ollech was writing about all the things you get in Paris FOR FREE (!!!!!) Among them are Massages, Food, free entrance to several Musée or even a free entry to Disnleyland Paris. How? Continue reading!

You are excited to have Fun in Paris and don't have to pay dozens of euros for it? Me, too! So here are a few "Free Fun" and Low Cost examples in alphabetical order:

Arc de Triomphe

Every first Sunday from October to March the admission is for everyone free. In the other months people from the European countries, aged between 18 and 25, have a free admission, too. Also Kids under 18 get a free entry if they are accompanied by their parents.

Disneyland Paris

This is a bit a late offer, but if you have your Birthday until September 30th you will receive free admission to the Park if you sign up on their website online before your birthday. The free entry will be possible until one week after your Birthday.

Hair Salon Tony & Gui Academy

From Monday to Thursday everyone under 30 years will get a free haircut. They will be done by trainees under supervision of their instructors. But a free haircut is a free haircut ...

La Cordonnerie

Every Thursday and Saturday everyone will receive free vegetabels and beef to your drinks. The Bar is located in the center of Paris and you will not only meet tourists but also natives and students there.

Le Tribal Cafe

Free Couscous Dinners, every Friday and Saturday up from 9 pm and free "moules-frites" (mussels baked with French fries) every Wednesday and Thursday from 9 pm.

Massage Academy Centre de formation massage

After the students learned new movements at their course they will trainee for two hours on willing visitors for free.

Palais du Louvre

For every European Citizen, aged 18 to 25, the entrance to the Louvre is anyway free, every Day. For all the other people every first months Sunday the entry is free, too.

Perfume museum - Le musée du parfum by Fragonard

At the perfume museum by Fragonard are free guided tours through the museum and the perfumes history. At the end you have the possibility to buy perfumes and essences at the factory price. Its regularly open from 9 am to 5 pm.

Sightseeing Tours for free

Daily there are free about three hour lasting sightseeing tours where you get to know historic Information, current topics and fun events. They are performed by students and at the end you can decide if you want to give your guide a small fee or not.

Wi-Fi for free

More than 400 free Wi-Fi hotspots sound like a good connection all over. They are installed at parks, museums and libraries, ... and additionally almost every McDonald's, Starbucks and Parisian cafes offer free Internet.

For sure you can still have a sit next to the Eiffel Tower or the Seine and more sights for free! ;-)

Soon there will be a "Free Fun" episode of Amsterdam, where I'm also going in September.

Do you know any more "Low Cost" Places? Advices for very City of this World are welcomed :)

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